dōTERRA Douglas Fir Essential Oil - 5ml

Sourced from young trees in New Zealand, Douglas Fir oil has a refreshing, airy aroma and can cleanse the skin when used topically.

  • 5 mL
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Douglas Fir is a conifer that grows natively throughout North America. This tall, evergreen fir tree has a sweet and refreshing aroma with a light, lemony note! It is commonly used to purify the skin and promote a positive mood. Douglas Fir is sustainably sourced from young trees in New Zealand, where its overpopulation threatens the country’s ecosystem. By harvesting the young Douglas Fir trees and using them for essential oil, doTERRA helps to combat the environmental impact of the trees overtaking the land.


  • Add 1 drop to facial cleanser, bar soap, or body wash for added cleansing benefits and an invigorating aroma.
  • Combine Douglas Fir with 1-2 drops of Wintergreen for a relaxing massage experience after a long work day.

Directions For Use

For massage, mix 5 drops with 10 ml carrier oil. For bath, mix 5 drops with 5 ml carrier oil. For perfuming, mix 1 drop to 10 drops carrier oil. For topical use only.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor if pregnant or in treatment. Avoid eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Primary Benefits

  • Promotes a positive mood and environment when applied topically, helping the user feel uplifted.
  • Sourced from evergreen fir trees in New Zealand, Douglas Fir oil possesses purifying qualities when applied to the skin.

Aromatic Description

Clean, fresh, woody, airy

Collection Method

Steam Distillation

Plant Part


Main Constituents

B-pinene, a-pinene, 3-carvene, sabinene

Customer Reviews

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varnado M.

I placed it on the diffuser and left it by the garland on the mantel. since I have an artificial tree the smell was light and natural. Everyone kept touching my tree and asking if it was real. I would always say if you have to ask the answer it is real. What a nice touch to the living area. Thank you.

Tavia R.

we really enjoy it
we really enjoy it